Blast from the Past

We love hearing from our former students. Thank you Garett for reaching out with such kind words.

My name is Garett Bugda. I began training with Master Quiming when I was 12 years old. My father was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. I used to train with my best friend Adrian Moncada.

Those years were very influential to me. I left Tae Kwon Do after leaving the Philippines because frankly I was never impressed with any other school. I joined the Marines after High School and last year I began training again with my three children (16, 12 and 6). 

I regret not getting back into it..but am loving the experience all over again. My children are in love with it and constantly joke about my "intensity" in the Dojo. I am proud to say that I owe my love of Martial Arts to Master Q and although we have not spoken in 30 years, he is still a big influence and inspiration to my training.

Please pass on my best wishes to him and all of his students. They are in wonderful hands.


Garett A. Bugda - Brown Belt Tae Kwon Do, Orange Belt - Five Rings Martial Arts

Posted on April 8, 2014 .