* What is Taekwondo?

     Taekwondo is a Korean martial art developed in the 1950s from other, more ancient Korean martial arts, as well as karate. It combines self-defense, sport, and artistry.

* How is it different from other martial arts?

     Taekwondo places a greater emphasis on kicking that many other martial arts, as well as fast hand strikes and blocks. One of the most popular martial arts in the world, Taekwondo is practiced in over 130 countries and is one of only two martial arts featured in the Olympic games.

* How is Q's Taekwondo different for other Taekwondo schools?

     Our head instructor, Grandmaster Quiming is a World Taekwondo Council certified 8th Dan Black Belt, one of only a couple hundred in the United States. We are a small school with lots of individual attention and a great family atmosphere. Check out our ratings on our Facebook page.    

* How old must my child be to start youth classes?

     Our youth classes demand a fairly high level of physical coordination and mental discipline and as such are generally not appropriate for children under six years old.

* What's the age range for teen/adult classes?

     Generally, teen/adult class is for ages 13 and up, but a few tall, especially dedicated 11 and 12 year olds have been known to sneak in there when one of their parents is also attending the teen/adult class. 

* When are classes held?

     Our class schedule can be found here

     There are two youth beginner sections (A and B). Students must choose which section they want to attend when signing up. Because there is a lot to learn all at once, youth beginner students start by attending two one-hour classes a week. Once they attain their Yellow Belts, they may also attend the Friday All Color Belt Class at no additional cost.

* My kid can handle it. How do I get them in more classes?

     Youth beginner students wishing to attend class four times a week can sign up for another section for an additional cost.

My child has a recital/game/pi-memorization-contest during their usual class time. Can they attend tomorrow's section instead?

     If a student must miss their regular class time due to special circumstances they may be able to arrange in advance to attend a different section that week.

* Who teaches the classes?

     Our instructors can be found here. Grandmaster Quiming, Master Douglas, and Master Tammy have almost 85 years of combined experience in teaching Taekwondo. We also have a few very dedicated advanced students who assist as part of their training.

* What should new students wear their first day of class?

     Loose comfortable clothing that they can move easily in, like a t-shirt and sweatpants.

* When should I stop by?

     Please contact us to arrange a time where you can observe a class and go over any questions you may have. If you wish to participate in the class you will be required to sign a Liability Release form (you can download this form from the Training tab under Student Documents), so please come in about 5-10 minutes prior to class time.

* What is the testing process like?

     Students earn tips on their belts as they make progress. Three tips and they are eligible to test for their next belt. The requirements for each belt can be found here. During their test, students must demonstrate their proficiency in all the techniques for their belt level and for any previous belt level though floor exercises, poomses, breaking boards, and--for more advanced belts--self-defense scenarios.

     Students with regular attendance who practice at home generally test every three or four months in the beginning, with testing intervals getting longer for more advanced belts due to the more vigorous requirements.      

* I previously attended a different school. Do I get to keep my old belt level?

     We ask returning students to demonstrate humility by wearing a white belt until we are able to ascertain their knowledge and skill level in the regards to the requirements at our school. This doesn't mean we ask you to start all over. Returning students are often able to "skip" belts, testing for higher belt levels more quickly than new students.

* Is there an opportunity to compete?

     Our school participates in several local tournaments and always makes a strong showing. We have a extended Tuesday and Thursday classes to help prepare students to compete.

* Are there other activities outside classes?

     At Q's Taekwondo, we place a great importance on cultivating a sense of community, so we do throw the occasional party, picnic, or movie night for students and families interested in socializing outside of class.

* How much does all this cost?

     We are currently running a Taekwondo sign-up special. One month of classes, a uniform, and a white belt all for $109. 

     Our normal monthly rate is $120 for the first student, a second family member may attend for $90, and each additional family member after that for an additional $65. We require no annual contracts.